Eye-Fi upload fix: how to get past hotel logins

Having been living in Shanghai for some time and travelling all over Asia, it finally occurred to me that I would be well served with a WiFi-enabled SD card in my Canon D100; Imagine! The wonderful convenience of having to never remove the SD card again, simply uploading pictures through the ether as I return from another adventure.

The beginning, middle, and end of all my problems.

Having been convinced of this glorious future, I convinced my buddy Lee to get one for via on Amazon and deliver it to me when he came to visit. I could barely contain my excitement when I finally got the SD card of my dreams.

However, actually setting it up turned out to be a lesson in frustration. It seems that despite the Eye-fi being marketed as an on-the-go device, wifi networks with splash pages are not supported. It even says so on their customer support page. This is certainly a problem when a huge majority of public places use splash screen like this:

And hotels would often have pages like this:

Basically, any page that forces you to login or click a button before giving you access will NOT work with the eye-fi cards.

Being frustrated won’t help, however; Afterall, my own home wifi uses a similar setup and right now I was about to admit I spent $60 on a glorified SD card unless I came up with a way to bypass this issue.

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