Learning Blender – Week 1

Having been interested in designing and making games my whole life, I’ve finally had the time recently to delve into some of the aspects of what it takes to make games.

Although I’m primarily interested in the design of games, I believe it’s critically important to at least understand the core aspects of each discipline so that I can at least be competent in the subject. Since 3D modeling has been a major obstacle for me, I decided to dig in and purchase Ben Tristem’s Complete Blender tutorial in order to learn the ins and outs. I’ve used Ben’s course before with his Unity course (also on Udemy)¬†and admire his excellent pacing and structure in teaching.

Having gone through the first week, I was able to go from knowing just basic CAD design from my AutoCAD courses in college, to making this:Bowling Scene

which covered creating complex geometry from both solid extrusion and bezier curves, and then this:Chess Scenewhich was a great tutorial on building low poly shapes using reference material, as well as rendering a scene using textures and lighting.

Moving forward, I’m really excited to see how I can use Blender to empower my future projects!