China – Huangshan (黄山) Part 2

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Once we were at the top, we found the mountain to ourselves; To our delight. we discovered that since Christmas is not a widely practiced holiday, Winter is by-and-large considered a low season. Lee (Our ever helpful tour guide) told us that we were saving almost a third of the cost compared to if we were to visit during the summer.

After a 30 minute hike from the cable car, we arrived at the most famous of the ten pines of Huangshan, Ying Ke Pine (迎客松).

Looks like the pine is welcoming visitors!
Looks like the pine is welcoming visitors!

Our tour guide told us that this is a common location for foreign VIPs to take pictures while in Huangshan, so of course, we had to observe tradition:

We're friends!
Look! We’re friends!

We continued on for a few more hours, climbing up to Beginning-to-believe Peak and marveled at our luck, as the clear weather afforded us amazing views of the entire range and plains below.

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